Hi, I am not sure how to go about doing this, can anyone help?

• Reads a file called “Members Only.csv” and stores the data in a datatable (The “Members Only.csv” file is to be retrieved from MEL platform)
• Creates a nickname for each club member using
o The first 3 letters of the first name, all in UPPERCASE
o The first 3 letters of the last name, all in lowercase
• There will be a need to use a Data Table and to loop using the For Each Row activity
• Write all the generated nicknames to the Output Panel

@AndersJensen could you please help here?

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Could you please provide a sample csv file?

Sure, but let’s solve it together, when you get the csv. I’m gladly reviewing your attempt, when you start :blush:

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I have attached the workflow. Please check.

CSV_NickNameProject.zip (16.2 KB)

@AndersJensen Can you check if this is correct or not?


Awesome work, Ashish :100: :+1:

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Thank you. Your tutorials on youtube helped in learning string manipulation :slight_smile:

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