Hi guys need help with google drive , find files and folders please

I am trying to add my string into the Search expression
in the google find files and folders

this is what I have so long

“name contains” + ’ + email.Date +’

I want it to use the email.date to look for the folders in google drive

Hi Peter,
Can you try using the below syntax to search for the Folder name ?
“name contains '”+ str_FolderName+"’"

thanks for the reply

do you think this can work some how ?
“name contains '”+ email.Date +"’"

What does the variable “email” contains ? Can you just show the workflow once, please ?

ok so extract the gmails and made a string

Here I make folders using the emails date with email.Date

that was my workflow before
this is the workflow I want now

now I am trying to make a if statement that looks if the folder exist in google drive by using the
the string from find files or folders by using the email.Date string as a filter

does this make sense?

or is there another easier way to this ?
I just want google drive to not make double folders every time I run it

I think this is the right way to do that. Is it working now ?

no still not working

“name contains '”+ email.Date +"’"

so this is right?

or maybe something like
“name contains”+email.Date.Tostring

@Peter_Jenkinson - It doesn’t work that way(just from my learning experience, I may be wrong)…I setup a input dialogue to get the file name and tried to pass it…nothing worked :frowning: ) …Below is the format, your search text should be with in the single quotes…


Please refer this…

yeah its hard to get right, still lookin into it

is there a way to maybe search for files in a folder?

Main.xaml (12.5 KB)
Can you try to use this xaml ? For me this was working.

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