Hi folks, seeking help with a time format issue

I am hoping someone can assist me in this issue. I am reading time from and excel sheet in the format of 00:00:00 and UIpath is showing an error stating " not a valid value for TimeDisplay". I cannot change the format on the excel sheet so is there anything in UIpath that can be done to resolve this? I have my variable ABCTime set to the Variable type of Catel.Logging.TimeDisplay.

Thx in advance

is it in hh:mm:ss format?

Can you share the excel file, or a similar file showing the data? Excel stores hh:mm:ss format as a double type I believe, so UiPath might be trying to read it as a double rather than a time. It is also possible it is being stored in excel as text (string) or a date/time (datetime)

I would store it as a system.datetime variable within UiPath - if you only care about the time, then it doesnt matter what the date is.