Hi Everyone, Is there any way to read Pdf with google cloud OCR column by column?

What I have found is whenever I am using OCR to read a image Pdf then OCR is reading line by line(row by row) of that pdf. So I can’t get the exact data from that extracted text.


Usually OCR extraction will get the string as output and it will get as a whole not in specific as row by row or column by column

And to get the exact data try with Omnipage ocr
We need to download that package from manage packages UiPath.Omnipage activities

Cheers @Ankit_Kanjilal

Hi @Palaniyappan I know about the OCR output. I am asking something different. In case of image pdfs can we read it column by column, somehow??(Imagine one page of pdf as a 2-D matrix). I am willing to know if it is possible or not.

Unfortunately no @Ankit_Kanjilal
It can fetch only as a whole data
May be once after fetching we can iterate though column wise with UiPath activities


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Okay @Palaniyappan. Thanks for giving this information. I will check again with other pdf activities then.

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Pls let know for further queries
If this gets clarified close this thread and discuss on new one


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