Hi everyone. i am facing this issu how to give dynamic dates in download attachments

hi i am using get imap activity. i need to download files. and i have one dought after 3 days i will run the boat i need whenver i run the boat that date only i need download. example : 1-5-24and i will run boat after 3days already before days mails are there before days mail i dont required . i need only whenver i run the boat i need only that day. how to give dynamic. dates plese give me suggitions and if u possible give me work flow


Use the below in filter and you would get only todays mails always

"SINCE " + Now.ToString("dd-MMM-yyyy")


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Hi @Venky_Mama

Check this


but it create date and time but i need to i will run the boat after 3 days only i need to that mail
s download sir

i will run boat that day mails only download.before days neglecting give me suggitions sir


The above expression will give only todays mail not any other day



Add Variables:

  • Create a variable today of type DateTime and set its default value to DateTime.Now.

Configure Get IMAP Mail Messages Activity:

  • Add the Get IMAP Mail Messages activity.

  • Configure the server, port, email, and password properties.

  • Set the **MailFolder property to “INBOX”.

  • Use the Filter property to filter emails received today. The IMAP filter syntax can be used as follows:

    “[Received] >= '” + today.ToString(“dd-MMM-yyyy”) + “'”

Set the Filter property to the above expression. This will ensure only the emails received on the current date are fetched.

  • Process the Emails:

    Loop through the list of emails received using a For Each activity.

    • TypeArgument: System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
    • Values: messages (output from Get IMAP Mail Messages)

    Inside the loop, use the Save Attachments activity to save attachments from each email.

    MailMessage:* item (from the For Each loop)*
    FolderPath:* “C:\path_to_save_attachments”*

This workflow ensures that whenever you run the bot, it only processes and downloads attachments from the emails received on that particular day.

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