Hi everyone! How to create a folder with a name of value of variable

I am not an experienced UIpath user and just trying to do the first projects on this platform. Tell me, how can I create a folder with a name that reflects the value of one of the variables. Thanks a lot!.

use the ‘create folder’ activity.

add the variable name


Use create folder activity to create a folder. Pass the path in which u need to include your variable.

Eg:- “C:\Users\Documents\OneNote Notebooks”+str1.ToString

Variable str1
str1 = “My Notebook”

Thanks karthick,
but still don’t cat

ch where my mistake is …
The variables I have is the value from the excel.
I wanna name folder like the value of Variable “Surname”…

One more thanks

Use as below in the respective fields and check

  • Name - Surname
  • ParentFolder - Specify the full path as string

In the name field you have specified fullpath as name

you have your quotes in the wrong place… everything in between your quotes will be static text and the plus sign will need to surround your variables names :slight_smile: