Hi dean.virag

I am using Studio X for an automation that logs into a 3rd party website that requires a username and password. I am using the Get Username/Password activity to store the website name, username, and password - and everything is working at expected. :grinning:

My question is… If someone else in my company gets the source code for my project and opens it in their Studio X will they be able to open the Get Username/Password activity and see the account information? Or, are the credentials some how encryped/obfuscated?


No worry, the credential are stored only locally in your windows credential manager.
So when you will send this project to someone else they will see by default on the activity something like : www.site.com [Pending Creation] and when they will run the wf they’ll get a popup asking for the credential.
At desing time they have the option to open the wizard on the activity and choose their credential for www.site.com that are stored locally on their computer, if they have ones.

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