Hi Community, I am facing Pipeline status failed issue in Ai Center. Please check the attachment and I have attached the error log with attachment

@Mozammil_Rizwan_Bista Does that dataset contains any files ?

@ushu it contains some files.

@Mozammil_Rizwan_Bista It says data set preprocessing failed since I guess the python not able to import libraries. Are you using licensed one ?

@ushu but I am working on uipath ai center, not in my local system. So no need to install those libraries in my local.
No, I am using the trial version of an enterprise.

hi @Mozammil_Rizwan_Bista , how many documents you have used for pipeline? and what model that you are trying to use here?

I suspect on number of documents are used. Can you try with minimum 30 documents?

My suspect is more on number of documents based on error message from your screenshot.


Hi, @balaraman.ramiya I have tried 135+ documents in the data manager.
But in the validation station scope it still misses some fields like shipping and handling, quantity, and tax.

So, the pipeline issue is solved now correct? If so how its solved?


@balaraman.ramiya I close the data manager and restart it 2 or 3 times. Now it is working fine.
But the main issue isn’t solved yet. Thanks for the reply.