Hi can anyone help me into this ,i want to automate or bypass this complex captcha,without taking any paid subscription


You can try OCR engine, it will work for some extent… but it won’t work for all types of captcha. It is better to stop at captcha and finish it manually and proceed further.

Please see your application behavior first. If your application is asking only at the beginning of the process then better handle it manually and proceed further… if it is asking every cycle then it is not useful…

yes,but i am getting wrong result,because of strike this is not reading the exact words.

Don’t take selector for only captcha area… better to take large area of the application … so that Captcha part will be extracted.

Please use get OCR Text activity …
Select GoogleOCR inside Get OCR Text activity and go to properties.
in the properties you have 2 values to adjust.
One is enable “ExtractWords” option. This will extract only English words because Language was selected “eng”.

2nd option is scale: You have to change this scale value with a numeric variable and increate in a loop. This will make OCR engine as dynamic.

Hope it will work for you… give a try.

Hi, i want for every cycle, then have you any idea? I am very new to uiPath and not getting any solution.
I read so many Q&A in forum, there are some DBC and ML and Python measures, can you give me some idea how to use these concepts??
Thankyou in advance.

ok, i am trying.

Hi, this is not working.


Yea Recaptcha will be placed to stop BOT process. Try IOCR.

Please tell me how?

please search in forum… you will get more details on Intelligent OCR.

i get API key, but from where i get Endpoint URL