Hi,can anyone help ,if their is matching records found in both the file then i want to replace file1 column “value” text to file2 column “value” text

Here i am attaching my solution ,what i tried please help.Book1.xlsx (9.0 KB) Book2.xlsx (9.1 KB) MatchedRecords.xaml (28.4 KB)

expected output:-

@Anjali_Rani The Sixth Row Destination Column of Book1 does not match with Sixth Row Destination Column of Book2, Is that a Mistake or do you want the Value column Updated for that row as well ?

Sorry,That’s mistake.

@Anjali_Rani Can you Check the below Updated Workflow :
MatchedRecords.zip (15.2 KB)

Lots of Thanks to you. It is working.

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