Hi Been asked a question and I am not clear on a the answer. as I can think of lots of reasons to use a good naming convention

why is renaming activities considered to be one of the best practices categories?
I can say it is because it can help you to find them easier if you use a good naming convention, and to be able to understand the process logic without expanding each sequence or invoke workflow and last it would help you in future to follow the business logic.
Am I correct?

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Hi @RPA_Architect,

Yes you are correct.

  1. First is, we do the naming convention for activities because to specify what action the activity will be performing on the screen.
  2. To identify where exactly the error when there is an exception.
  3. And if we rename activities its easy to follow the bussiness logic

About to type the same. Thumbs up.

Thanks for your input: anil5 and KarthikByggari :slight_smile:

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