Hi am unable search for service now records facing the error

Hi am unable search for service now records and connection facing the error… Can someone help me on this .

Error: System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. —> UiPath.BAF.Exceptions.BafUserException: Invalid or expired credentials. Please connect to the service with the valid credentials again

@paul.hoeffer @deepak.rai6 . If i am using service now custom activity it is showing in hibernate mode … but it is fine from UI side … can someone help me on this

Hi - if your dev instance is hibernate mode, you will need to wake it before you can use the activity pack. FWIW, this happens to me too (the fix is to ensure that my instance of ServiceNow is up and running). Please lmk if that doesn’t fix your issue.

Thanks @paul.hoeffer … Some access issues but I am able to connect now. But the thing is am unable to search the records through query (String).:frowning:
Note : I am just tested the same thing querying with @Cristian_Negulescu activity it is working fine .

If you can share the robot xaml, I can take a look, or you can post a screenshot?

I can ping you personally for sure

@Vijay_RPA might be your selected content in query is not having efficient data make sure to check your query but if you can share some more detail I will try to help you out.

It is resloved deepak …Issue with access but the thing am able to query custom activity where it is not working for official one …have to post the details to Paul

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