Hi All, please help me on the below error i was trying to enter credentials from get credentials activity to open browser


can you show more about your secuence please?
maybe you are using the wrong credential name, or not getting the results from the credential activity.


@fernando_zuluaga , Please look into it

Hi @sai_krishna6 ,

Your wrongly using arguments for GetAppCredential invoke workflow. Remove the default value for the in_Credentials argument and change the direction for out_Username and out_Password to Out direction.

After changing the above go to the invoke work flow for GetAppCredential and edit arguments enter your credential key ACME_CREDENTIAL in the in_Credential and for out_Username assign your username variable created and out_Password assign your password variable and also remove default value (your emai id hard-coded) in the username variable.

I hope you understood. Please go throught the arguments and how to use in one work flow in the academy training to get better idea. Thanks.

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