Hi all, i have find the specific text for bulk files which are complete dynamic

i have a bulk txt files in that file i have to scrap some specific text like branch,Association,INC and COMMUNITY, these find text are complete dynamic by using these text i wanted to get before two words of find text and after two two words of find text the whole text is Bank name Please help me with this

can you send the example of text file?

Yeah sure
00ae31ea81f1995946e0f7b7ecf50e8723f2736e456170858265850499c3e282-Branch PMG Houston.txt (2.0 KB)

what you need to extract from the file ?

Seven Meadows Community Assoc i have similar text like branch, asso and community

you can use a split method.


can you explain how did you write it can actually help


hi you can aslo try with this below function


outputstr is the output of your text file
this function is to extract the words between the two strings


you can check this

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