Hey Guys, Is there any possibility to have a dynamic Taxonomy loaded in action centre in data Extraction scope?

So here is the scenario: we have uipath’s built in data extraction scope activity which will load the taxonomy and help to extract datapoints with fields defined in taxonomy manager or taxonomy JSON. Is there any possibility to have this Taxonomy having dynamic nature like UiPath Forms have? So in UiPath Forms, one could add conditional logic, JSON logic, JAVA Script logic etc. Which will in return make the Form real time dynamic. so If I select something, something will appear/disappear. Is there any way to implement this feature in existing taxonomy JSON, so that it behave dynamically? Any help would be much appriciated. :slight_smile:

I’ve also thought of this before when using the Taxonomy, or rather more specifically that the Taxonomy manager shouldn’t be hard coded to the specific location that it is.

The problem with doing what you want is however, that you will immediately break the Extraction Scope as soon as you change the taxonomy. To demonstrate it just try changing the static one from a hard coded one to a totally different one and it will break.

The reason being that the extractors being used in the extractor scope need to be specifically mapped to the taxonomy, this cannot be done at run time and must be done at design time.

Otherwise how would you dynamically map each of the fields in the taxonomy to your extractor etc etc?

You are right here. Even I tried modifying Taxonomy, but it can not be loaded at all. But If we have specified functionality, it would be great; it might be a feature request. :grimacing:

Another question: Is there any way to build custom extractor scope so that one can load custom hard-coded taxonomy.