Hey guys i am getting this error while performing clint security hash using re framework

Hi @uzair_khan ,

Can you please show what is in the value section assign.


Hi there @uzair_khan,
I hope you are well.

The error is flagging the column you are referencing does not exist.
Is it possible it is named slightly differently? - This may be causing the problem.

If you want to check, you can use the Output DataTable Activity, alongside a Log Message to view the data - Alternatively, on the left-hand side (within the Locals Panel), you can view the data there.

Thanks in advance for your support,

hey @Shikhar_Tandon this the value that i have assigned dt_TransactionData.Select(“Type= WI5 AND status= Open”)

Try this once -

dt_TransactionData.Select(“[Type]= ‘WI5’ AND [status]= ‘Open’”)


no getting same error

can you please share the snip of your excel.

That is not from excel its data extracted from ACME system 1 workitems

How have you extracted data from this webpage. If using Datascraping can you please share the DT info.