Help with Web Data Scraping

Hi all,

i have developed a workflow to automate The aim is to get from an excel file soma data of destination and check-in and check-out dates, fill the respective fields in and extract the names and ratings of hotels list found.

it should be an easy workflow and everything works perfectly apparently. However, when i open the word or excel documents created they are empty. I think in some ways i am making a mistake in the data scraping. probably in the selectors or also in the region indicated on screen when setting-up the workflow.

here below there is the image of the workflow created:

here there is the selector of The data scraping attached browser

and this is the data scraping properties

Do you know what can be the reason of this malfunctions? why the documents created are empty despite the fact that the robot reads and memorize all the data from excel and correctly type them into the website fields?

I hope you can help me