Help with Unit Testing in RE Framework


I’m having some difficulty trying to get the hang of the unit testing pieces in the RE Framework. I’m trying to test a UI automation app but the problem seems to be getting the necessary configuration values passed into the InitAllApplications.xaml workflow. The list of unit tests that should run are in the _Tests.xlsx workbook, and I’ve created the necessary Test_ProcessTransaction unit test. When the unit tests run, the first workflow that runs is InitAllSettings.xaml, which executes and passes the test. The second workflow to run, InitAllApplications.xaml, has an In parameter in_Config that should be passed in, however it’s always null and the result is a null object exception when I try and read the config. Does anyone have any tips for how to pass parameter values between the various workflows that are listed in the _Tests.xlsx workbook?

Also, I’m trying to find documentation on unit testing in the RE Framwork but can’t seem to locate any. Is there anything in the Academy sessions or otherwise that shows how to approach unit testing in the RE Framework?


Hi @verbose

I am not super experienced with the Test routine of the REFramework, but it seems like you won’t get around having to load all variables to the Config variable.

It might just work if you pass the out_Config variable back from the InitAllSettings.xaml after it finished its test.

Hi verbose,

just want to let you know that UiPath will release the UiPath Test Suite by April this year, targeted towards comprehensive but easy automated testing of applications and automated processes.
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Is the testing framework in?

Hi rnk_87,
UiPath Test Suite has been released first in April this year and we have a lot of great new features within the latest release (20.10) within StudioPro and Orchestrator.
For full community support we still have to bring the Test Manager to cloud, which we are working on right now.