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Hello Experts,

Need help in implementing a scenario.

I have 2 mailboxes configured in my Outlook
Mailbox1 and Mailbox 2

Bot reads the input mail from both Inboxes and append final list of mail messages.

Now my Final List of mail messages has mails from both the Inboxes.

I am using RE Framework , and in transaction item I am passing the final list of mail messages and process the same.

Upto here it is implemented.

Now I have a scenario -
where I have to move the mail from inbox to processed folder after it is processed.

If mail from Mailbox1 is processeed, it moves to Processeed fielder of Mailbox1.

If mail from Mailbox2 is processeed , it moves to Processeed folder of Mailbox2.

Question :

After process is done , how would I know , which mailbox the mail belong to ??
Is there any mail property I can use .

Have thought of changing the transaction item to a dictionary of (mailmessage , inboxname) - But not sure how to implement this …

Any help much appreciated :blush:



You can have a dictionary type as <String, MailMessage> then use this Key Value pair as a transaction item.

So for the first mailbox mails while populating into this dictionary you can add as “mailbox1”,Mailmessage, so after processed you can check the Key of the transaction item and move that mail in the respective mailbox.

Check this sample to change the list(Of MailMessages) into a Dictionary(Of String, MailMessage)

MailItem2Dictionary.xaml (5.8 KB)

Hi @sarathi125 ,

Thank you for the response.

.xaml you posted- i am getting the below error.

can you please share An Screenshot of the flow.




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This Works for me … Thank you :slight_smile:

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