Help with this case using dates

Hi people, i need help to implement this case.


I have this example, color green its what i need i need to get the all Wednesdays starts the fisrt day in (July 1 2022) and (ends the last day of June 2023).

This is the case if the current day its WEDNESDAY set the name (“Week XX september”) and if the month contains more days like this example


The color green its the current day, but if i run the bot 30 of september set the string (“Saldo al XX of september”)


WEDNESDAYS = SET (“Week XX september”)
THE LAST WEEK OF THE MONT IF THE MONTH CONTAINS 28,29,30,31 → SET (“Saldo al XX of september”)


Hello, have a good day.
I made a new project, and created 3 variable of type System.DateTime.
One is startdate, another one is enddate and the another one is data.
This data variable is set to the value of startdate as begining date.
Then, I had tried a Do While activity, to lookup after each next day.
The condition for this working loop is:

data <= enddate

Plese see the next picture:

At end of the loop body, I had added a Set Variable Value activity.
This will actually add a new day to the current data being iterated:

data = data.addDays(1)

At beginning it is an If activity, that looks for the currnt day.
If the current day is “Wednesday”, then do some tasks for that day.
The condition of this If statement is the following:

data.DayOfWeek.ToString = “Wednesday”

In place of this If statement you can add the working sentences.
You can add this date to a data table, or write directly to Excel.
Or create an array, or a list and add each day to this collection.
This is up to you, how you’ll write this data, and how to use it.
I don’t know very well, how do you want to store all these values.

With kind regards, Adrian

Hello @Jesus_Fonseca

Can you plz check the Modify date activity? I think it can meet your requirement.


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Wow, thanks for that, that’s what i need, ty for help me, regards from Costa Rica.

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