Help with the technology stack of UiPath

Good day everyone,

We have (as a group) have been tasked to create a Product Deployment Context and Software Supply Network model of UiPath according the paper “Formalizing Software Ecosystem Modeling” (Boucharas, V., Jansen,S., Brinkkemper, S.). This requires us to have information that shows the dependencies of UiPath with respect to its technological partners in terms of software, but also in which way it is implemented.

Both models need to contain only the most important elements.
Regarding the Software Supply Network, this means the following major technological companies: Google Cloud Platform, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle. Based on the information provided on the web page with respect to the products/services they provide, we have managed to create a model that shows this, but lacks in what UiPath returns. We also don’t know whether these businesses are displayed as “major” because they provide the bulk of the software, or because they simply are big companies in the software industry.
Regarding the Product Deployment Context, we can only guess what components of the above mentioned companies are actually used and at which location in the model and from which company.

Therefore, we hope that someone here is possible in providing us this information in order to create these models.

Many thanks in advance.

I am not sure how much information UiPath is ready to disclose, because some of them are confidential and IPR related. Have you checked their website ?