Help with The source contains no DataRows on a windows-Legacy project

I have a project that works perfectly will on the VB windows platform, but throwing the “The source contains no DataRows” on an assign activity.

The goal of this project is to extract all the content under the “HCPCS” column from all the tables in a pdf file.

When I ran in debug mode, I was able to narrow down the Assign activity causing the issue:

I did some further digging on the variable I was trying to assign to my DT and I noticed this:

This same code is working well on a different version but need to have it work on windows-legacy.
Attached is my workflow (659.2 KB)

Hi @Yomi_Oluwadara

The “Source contains no DataRows” error typically occurs when you are trying to access or manipulate a DataTable in UiPath, but the DataTable is empty or doesn’t contain any rows.

Check for Empty DataTable : Before performing any operations on a DataTable, you should first check if it contains data. Use an If activity to check the row count or the DataTable.Rows.Count property. If the row count is zero, it means the DataTable is empty.

like this way in if condition

If DataTable.Rows.Count > 0
// Perform DataTable operations here
// Handle the case where the DataTable is empty

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I modified your regex pattern as the following. Can you try the following sample?

(?<=HCPCS\s+Eff Date\s+Description)[\S\s]+?(?=Page\s\d+\sof\s\d+)


Note: Replaced \s{2,} with \s+

Result image

Sample (687.0 KB)


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@Yoichi Thank you so much for the help!

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