Help with the bad written PDD academy ref robo 2

Hi People,
can someone “translate” me this part of the PDD for the second reframework robo of the academy. Its like mostly bad written and doesn´t make sense…

2.4.1. Edit GetTransactionData.xaml workflow

Delete the Retry Get Transaction Item activity. Use an Element Exists activity to determine if
there is a page number UI element on the Work Items page equivalent to the current
TransactionNumber value. If so, assign the TransactionNumber value to
out_TransactionItem. Else, assign 0 to out_TransactionItem.
For the following IF activity, set the condition to out_TransactionItem > 0.

The last senescence which type should the transaction item be? its not specified and i thought it would be the same like bevore a datarow item but then i can´t use “>”.
Would the academy ppl do such an error or which item would be correct?
It is the dispatcher which will extract the w4 items from the workitems site

That is a translation error indeed.
Or they wnat you to check if out_TransactionItem is not null, or they wat you to check TransactionNumber in the IF.

TransactionItem normally is of type QueueItem, assigning a number in it doenst make sense.

See what is the intend of this IF, maybe with the Then and Else objective description we can try to discover what are the correctly IF condition to use.