HELP with Table Scrape: Click java-based drop-down based on value of 1st column

HELP!, I am having issues figuring out how how to automate this…

  • Must evaluate the 1st column of a table
  • If 1st column matches a string pattern “* RPA Form”, then:
  • Click corresponding drop-down (Java) action on same row (see screenshot)
  • Else:
  • Skip to the next row re-evaluate

I was able to scrape the table and extract the results, however the problem is that the java-based drop-down doesn’t have any hyperlink/url. And the selector is generic, like this:

Row 1 Selector: webctrl parentid=‘more-actions-cCoaN0QilqJ7r8lTBfsQHR5JPY4=’ tag=‘I’

Row 2 Selector: webctrl parentid=‘more-actions-4_COS6y4iQJmrXNc7xV9J7dL0L8=’ tag=‘I’

Any ideas?

Hi @online !
Welcome to UiPath Community :smile:
To have a more detailed selector, I suggest you to use UiExplorer:

Then indicate the first row selector, and paste here in the forum the whole screenshot:

Then do the same action for the second row
→ This will allow us to create together your selectors properly :grin:

Thanks for the response. Here are my screenshots:

First selector:

Second selector:

Alright, if you notice, on the right you have a very interesting attribute: tableRow (that is set to 2 for your 1st row, and 3 for your 2nd row) → so check the box of the attribute tableRow, and check also the box of colName, and paste here in the topic the selector so that we make it dynamic

So at the end you will have:

  • a datatable from your scraping option (let’s call it ExtractedDT)
  • a dynamic usable selector, that will be contained in a string (let’s call it selector_action)

Let’s mix them !
Use a foreach row to loop through ExtractedDT, and in the properties create a variable as the output (let’s call it index)

Use if condition, with the following statement: row(“Transaction name”).toString.Contains(“RPA Form”)
for then statement, you can use click activity, and as a target we will put our dynamic selector:

then a second click to chose the wanted action
In the else statement, we keep it empty

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This worked! Thanks so much. The only issue was you had data_DT for the “In” part of ForEach but I had to change it to ExtractedDT. Then I passed the index variable as a string to the selector. Worked like a charm, thanks again. :smiley:

You’re welcome ! Dont’ forget to mark your topic as solved so people focus on it if they have an equivalent problem :wink:

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