Help with regular expression to extract specific string


please assist me i have a string as “REV RDMP0000000000000095MPAY 30.3.2021” and I am try to extract “RDMP0000000000000095” only.

0000000000000095 can be of any length.
for example it could be
REV RDMP000000000000004445MPAY - 989 - today
and what i want is “RDMP000000000000004445”

Thank you


Taking REV and MPAY as constant you can check as below

Hope this may help you


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Thanks bro , but MPAY or REV might not always be there . the only thing I am sure of is RDMP followed by an unknown length of numbers then we can have a special character as break or a non digit

@MasterOfLogic - Please try this…

Regex Pattern:


Assumption: RDMP will be there always

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