Help with Regex Expression- To fetch Alpha numeric and numeric values only

All, I am trying to extract only the 5 digit alpha numeric value (including both lower and upper cases & Numbers) and 5 digit numeric from any kind of sentence. My scenario should handle to pull only the above scenarios i have said. It should ignore 1. All alphabets, 2. Should ignore Alphabets with special characters.

From the above example, i have to get rid of the All alphabets and it should only pick J0585,64615,98909,AG456, 45TH4. Any suggestions? Appreciate your help. Thanks.


How about the following pattern?




Nice to get response from you @Yoichi . Thanks , This expression isnt working… Did i miss something?


Can you remove \b.*? at the beginning of the pattern? Do you need it for some reason?


Oops! Sorry, My bad… I didn’t realize that. i was adding to the one which i was previously trying…
Yes, This Expression works perfectly fine :slight_smile: Thanks for your quick turnaround @Yoichi

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