Help with reading windows directory folder


I have created a sequence which will open up a windows folder and create a list using a variable based on set file name criteria. This appears to work but producing this error when trying to assign the variable to a collection:

“Add to collection : Collection was of a fixed size.”.

Not too sure if I have set up this sequence correctly for what we would like to achieve, we simply want the bot to look in a specific directory and collect the file names matching a specified name, then pass the file names out as an argument to be used in the next part of the process (which will involve opening each file and copying the data).

Any help would be much appreciated, I can upload the xaml too if required.


Please provide the workflow.Also check if you have initialized the collection correctly.


There might be Variable type mismatch, or the collection addition mis-typos (while you using assign or invoke method activities) so check on the these, if still doesn’t help please share the sample workflow, will help you with this.

Megharaj Yadravi