Help with Object reference not set to an instance of an object. in workflow transition

Hi, i am looking to see if anyone can see why i get this error in Orchestrator .

It is erroring on a transition within a flow stating Object reference not set to an instance of an object and i just cant work out what it is referring to if it is a variable. i will attach some screen shots and hopefully the workflow.

The transition should come into play if there is no spreadsheets found to pick on and start work on.

AcceptICT.xaml (202.8 KB)

Any help greatly appreciated.


Can you check if spreadsheet data is empty


spreadsheetData variable might be null. If you want to add a check for it, you could formulate the condition to be

spreadsheetData Is Nothing OrElse spreadsheetData.Rows.Count = 0

Thanks Anil, it is indeed empty as i have done nothing with it at all so clearly need to tell the transition what it is for it to work!

@efelantti Top job Sir, that is indeed exactly what i need to tell it, if its empty, it needs to know. Transition condition updated and its working like a dream!! Thank you.

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