Help with Medicinal website scrapping

I am using Studio Pro Community

I want to automate a site for web scrapping need help with that.

1.Read Excel
3.Search any product example Paracetamol
4.Click on one product from the results and in detail of that product capture Brand name and Price
5.Then go back to the same results page open the second product capture same things
6.There might be a show more resultd button too some times i have to click on that too
7.Write the scrap data into Excel

You can use UI Activities , computer vision , screen recording and scraping options in combination to achieve this.

Frankly speaking i tried alot of stuff but not able to get the appropriate results if someone can create a workflow for me that would be very help full


Hi, welcome to the community!
That website didnt look very hard to do, what do you have so far? Where you had trouble?


Find some starter help here:
apoteket_Product-Price-Link.xaml (13.8 KB)

  • dynamic loading of all searchresults (click more button)
  • Base retrieval from search results: Title, Link, Price

for more details you can use the retrieve Links for an additional retrieval of product info from each product detail page

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as i am a new user i am not able to attach my workflow can you help me any other way?

I have created a work flow that will capture the mail results along with the url and then i will use it into another broweser using those stores urls and the i am using get text am i correct?

may I ask you on following:

  • you received a demo from us: did you test it? was it running at your end?
  • give us more details on your requirements:

ill capture the mail results along with the url
in your initial post mail was not mentioned or described. so it is unclear to us

i am using get text am i correct?
it is helpfully for us when you reference a sample url and info / fields which are to retrieve. Based on this we can work our solution approaches. And for sure tell us all requirements from start to end.

thanks for support

I am really sorry it was an typo error so the request is
I have to search the products then the number of resultd which will appear i have to click on each products one by one and capture their names and prices.

The load more button will need to be clicked multiple times as it will load a bunch of data example 20 products the you will clik more then again 20 products till all the products appear on screen

I am a new user else i would have attached my workflow


you received a demo from us: did you test it? was it running at your end?

please answer. the demo is handling the load more button and is doing the basic retrieval

No its not working
First i have to open a browser then pick a data from excel to input it into the search bar then rest of the process

Is there any way i can send u my attachment?

Main.xaml (24.6 KB)

I can upload it now i have attached the workflow please have a lookMain.xaml (24.6 KB)