Help With Loop & Write Cell GSheets


I am using a list of URLs in column A, and I want to go to each URL contained in the list and are using “GetText” to get the breadcrumbs on every page. And then use the “Write Cell” activity, to write the data next to the URL (Column B).

My problem is that the “Write cell” overwrites my data. How do I make the “Write Cell” activity follow the “For Each”-activity?



Can you try as the following? In general, it’s necessary to create cell address dynamically using index of ForEach


Thank you for your reply.

I do not have an activity called “Assign” in UiPath StudioX. Is there something that I missed here?

Could I maybe use “Update Row Item”? In that case, how?


Can you try to use SetVariableValue activity (or define it as Default in DataMaanger) as the following?


Thank you! This helped me a lot.

What I also figured out while trying your solution was that I needed to use it as an Argument, so instead of using “offset” as variable, I set it to Argument.

Thank you!!

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