Help with filtering Google Drive results


Hoping to get some help with this issue I am having. I am using the “Find Files and Folders” GSuite activity. I am trying to have it output results that filter only Google Sheets, not PDFs, etc… This is the expression I am using so far (FolderID is from an earlier variable). This expression returns ALL results, even things in the trash, which is not ideal…

“'” + FolderID + “'” + " in parents and name contains ‘*’"

Curious if there is a way to include something to this expression that will return only Sheets? Filtering by “created today” would also be great, but not required. I do not have much dev experience.

Thank you!

I wound up figuring this out. My expression wound up having to be this:

“'” + FolderID + “'” + " in parents and name contains ‘*’ and mimeType = ‘application/’"

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