Help with Excel/Datatable Filters


I have a value like this in my excel/datatable


And I want to process it like this for each row


I am using Reframework data table value to do it. but unsure how to process

Any tips on what’s the best way to process this kind of scenario?


you just want to remove the repeated account values? you could just do a for each, store current account value, every new line you compare stored value to actual value, if repeats, you delete current… if is different you set new stored value and continue.

No i dont want to remove . i need this account number to open the application. then have to process each customer from the same account. Then set the Status column to “Completed” for flag purpose. when it go back to get transaction stage, it should go to next one.

sorry i cant understand what you need… in your print you show rows with account number only for the first row…

Yes, sorry if i made it confuse. I want the account number to open the application then want to process all the customer that have the same account number.

ok, just use the logic i told you, but replace the action of deleting the value to the opening of the application (and processing the first) and in the “else” you only process the row.

I don’t really understand your logic… Could you elaborate it more thanis

what do you have so far?

Correct me if am wrong .

You dont want to have account column to be filled for other customer row Values ?