Help with Excel Append Range from Dynamic Range

Hi everyone,
I am trying to append a range from multiple excel worksheets into one worksheet in a different workbook. I am stuck on the Append range activity specifically the What to Append Parameter. The step before I am using a Find First/Last Data Row to get the range to append and storing those values for later use in the Append Range What to Append Parameter. The problem is I can’t figure out how to incorporate the saved (First/Last) values into the What to Append parameter.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


For the append range activity we have to enter range we are going to paste in the Excel sheet to enter dynamically we have to get the row count for source sheet and increment one number and apply the range for the what to append.

If we are having same columns for multiple sheets we can append them by using merge datatable activity which is very easy we have to enter spruce data table and destination data table no need to enter any range. Please refer the below documentation. Thanks.