Help with .csv

I dont know where i did a mistake. The program doesnt find “Yes” and gives me an error


Close the excel application before running the process


Before Read CSV activity, use Kill Process Activity and mention process name as “Excel” to kill opened excel applications. And then try once and it should work.

I guess you opened the CSV file and running the process here.

Ok. I mb don’t understand now but in the evening I will see it on PC so mb it will work

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Ok. Where should I put Kill Process and what to write in right colums…

in the task manager you can see the process name. Input that name in the kill process activity.
While opening task manager the excel should be opened.


You have to place this activity before Read CSV activity and mention process name as "excel"

like this?

It doesn`t work…

it says the column yes is not present. Check that


Yes Exactly.

Have you checked Include ColumnNames option in Read CSV activity and also whether that CSV file contains Yes colummn or not ?

When i press the Debug button see this red lines

I have tried this file

and this also