Help with corn expression

I need to schedule bot to run monthly between 10 to 17 ,Monday in the above dates mentioned

You can not pass the both a day-of-week AND a day-of-month parameter. That is not supported.
Either You can choose to run day-of-month parameter(10-17) or day-of-week parameter (Monday) but not Both.

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Just give it the parameters of day-of-month(10-17) and at the very beginning of the process check if System.DateTime.Now.ToString("dddd") = "Monday"
if true: Continue
if false, throw new System.Exception("Not an applicable day to run") or run the Terminate Workflow Activity

0 0 0,8 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17 * ? *

Use this cron expression to trigger your process on you mentioned dates at 8 AM.
And inside the process put a condition to check whether it is a Monday or not.


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How do I create corn expression to run bot every alternative Thursday. e.g. First run is on 9th July, second run on 23rd July, Third run on 6th Aug & so on.

Hi @mehulkumarshah,
As per my knowledge we can not generate cron expression that meets your requirement.
But you can try 0 30 9 ? * THU * this Cron to schedule job to run every Thursday. Also you can set a flag in config to Proceed / Suspend job on alternative Thursdays.