Help with chosing the correct item in a listbox

Hi there! Thanks for the help in the advance.

I have this listbox:

my robot has to write into NIF the code to looking for thr person. This search gave me the same 4 person (in yellow on the image). I have to chose the item that doest has the code (in third column) that starts with ‘‘B%%/%%/%%’’, so the right one is the option that is selected in the image.

this is an example of the selector that I dont want:

I dont know how to select the item that doesnt has the code 'B%%/%%/%% in the selector. PLEASE HELP.

Hey @Emilia_Mariela
Is it a tabular data which could be scrapped?

hey thanks for reply!
the input data is the N.I.F number in textbox N.I.F on the image. that gave me multiples options, and i have to choose the one that doesnt have the code B****\ in his third column…

So basically all starts with b***/ and the one you want to select is empty. So it could be used like where the value of that particular column is empty select that row

yes, thats the idea but how I can do it in the selector? do exist anything like aaname exeptOf(B**)…?

If you have to select row with empty values then why not try aaname as ’ ’ i.e blank

The row that I want is not empty, it only doesnt have the text that starts with B… in name atribute. it has the N.I.F number and the name of the person

Hi @Emilia_Mariela

Since u need to select the option which had a particular regex pattern. Then u can use the regex selector approach here.

For more information on regex selector u can check here

I think it would be a good approach in selection of option

Hope it helps

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Hi! thanks for reply
I dont find any regex selector that can help with my problem
do you know some example? I have been searching but I couldnt find anything…


Hi @Emilia_Mariela

Check this video of how to apply regex in ur selector