Help with Automation using Excel Data

Hi everyone,

I need some help with this.

I have a table with the days of the week in excel.

I need to make a list of strings with each day of the week and put the index on them after that to find out witch index is multiple of 4

Can anyone help me?


Can you explain little bit more more about your process and can you send sample excel file so that we can work on it?


This is the table

And I need to make a list of strings with the days of the week

After I need to find out witch of the indexes is a multiple of 4

So you want to store all days of week like this,
ArrayString() = {“Monday”,""…} etc and
Then for example you want to get “Thursday” which is in multiple of 4th position as output , right?

In a message box.

But I took out the days in a data table with excel aplication scope
And now I need to make a list with the days.

After for each day I need to find out if the index of the day is an multiple of 4

Is there another way without excel application scope?

Can you please explain to me also witch activities I must use?


Check this workflow and input file, @Gabriel2
Main.xaml (8.4 KB) Days.xlsx (8.1 KB)

I need to see the list of strings - in a message box first . I tried and it only shows me datatable

You checked my above workflow??


If you want to see the values inside the list of strings, then put message box before the if condition in my workflow and pass item in message box.

It doesn’t show the days

Pass item, you passed datatable in it.
Got the output?

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Yes, it showed me. But I need the index of the days because after if it’s a multiple of 4 I need to put them in a different order.

So if Thursday has the index 4 and is multiple of 4 I need to make a new list like this:

and so on
How can I do this?

Check this workflow I have updated it, @Gabriel2
Main.xaml (12.9 KB)

This happens

Can I put the new order in a message box?

I tried but the same message appears

Wait I will check the workflow.

Check this workflow updated sorry for the error, @Gabriel2
Main.xaml (12.8 KB)