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Hello Friends,
I would really appreciated if i could have your suggestion resgarding this problem.
I want to save excel attachments from outlooks emails.
Excel attachments could be CSV, XLS, XLSX
However, they must be converted to XLSX format if they are not in XLSX extension.

I set my program (please look at the picture below) and once the email has one attachment they work correctly. in other words , they identify the extension and make conversion and save it correctly.

But, if the email has more than one attachment, it will save all the attachments but no conversion are made.

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Hello @Ricchch
Here you can do, dont provide hardcoded path. provide folder to store the file. then use for each file in folder which contains *.csv,*xls different condition. and then provide that file path to use file activity using currentfile.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @Shubham_Kinge
My code is almost done ( i have several lines of codes) but when testing i notice that once it has more than one attachment it doesn’t convert. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I will try your suggestion thank you very much for helping

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i guess you have to use loop of files above the use excel file activity to loop through the files


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