Help! Very unstable after auto upgrade to 18.4.2

My code was fine on yesterday. But after it upgraded to 18.4.2. It become very unstable. What I hit as below:

  1. My script will login to a e-banking website( using IE11) to download the statement. It was working fine on before, but after it updated, it sometimes clicks the wrong position, so that can’t goto next step.

  2. when I trying to use “Find Image” to track the webpage is ready to load. But when the image come up, the robot still idol until it’s timeout.

  3. my script will open the MS word (2013), and open the file, and then add the header and footer to the document. But when the robot open the header and trying to “type in” the text, it will open a new word file and input my header text to the new document :scream:

I already site here for the whole day to try to fix. But it still very unstable. Even dedug mode can go through the whole process, but when I run it, the problem still here.

I am very frustrated for this new update. Very very very unstable. :triumph:

Did you also upgrade the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities pack? which version of this pack do you currently have?