Help, Value does not fall within the expected range

Hi guys,

Currently struggling to secure anchor bases. The idea is using the number from a league table on the bbc website which doesn’t change, then using the click action to get to the teams bbc page…for some reason I’m getting this warning and no matter how many times I fiddle with the selector it’s not working. The funny thing is, it works fine on the English premier league, la Liga and bundesliga pages…but the Spl and serie a are causing me grief…help please

If you were to click a different one in the same list, is the ABBR the same as it might have multiple options and so fails

whats the site in your navigate to and ill have a go my end

ABBR is used all over the page

use ui explorer deselect tag and select inner text instaed

> <html app='chrome.exe' title='Africa Cup of Nations Table - Football - BBC Sport' />
> <webctrl css-selector='body&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;div&gt;table&gt;tbody&gt;tr&gt;td&gt;abbr' innertext='Uganda' />

The issue is Team will always change so it’s needs to change with the team.

this is what I’ve done to try and correct it but it’s not working…if I hit retry when running the debug it works…weirdly the whole thing over the five leagues run perfect for 48 hours…last night it just decided to throw a wobbly