Help understanding sharepoint activity (Get List Item)

Hi @danilo.arias.sanchez,

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Although the library on connect for SharePoint is good for development purposes, I would avoid using it in production environments. It is not an official Uipath library.

I suggest you rather write a powershell script yourself to get list items from SharePoint. It takes a little longer to develop, but much faster and you can design all the exception handling yourself. Mainly, you don’t have to look for documentation of that library, which I know is not complete.

We first thought of using the library you are using as well, but after trying it out we realized it’s best to do it ourselves using Powershell that way we could design the function ourselves and if something did not work, we did not have to lose robot time.

Two resources to get you started



We currently use a Powershell script to add items to a SharePoint list.