Help! Unattended Robot is too fast

Hello everyone,
i have a special problem.

When i start the attended robot, everything works fine.
As soon as the robot is startet unattended via Orchestrator, it works too fast (yes not too slow but too fast :slight_smile: ).
For example: it clicks a button on “Programm A” too quickly, although “Programm A” has not yet fully loaded and that’s why the click doesn’t go through.

Is there a possibility/settings to slow down the unattended robot, so it doesn’t race through the activites?

My special thanks in advance!

Hi @Mehmet_Unal

To wait for the page to fully load before clicking, you can select the option
WaitForReady → COMPLETE

Click activity will wait for the entire app to load before clicking on the button.

If this is also not working, You can use On Element appear on that click element and once the element appears then use the click.

Hope this helps.


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Hey! Welcome to community!

Try like this

  1. Click ACTIVITY
  2. Navigate to properties ->Target->Wait for Ready->Compete
  3. Set Alter if disable to → True
  4. It’s better to mention Delay before to-> Minimum 200Ms to 300Ms


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Alright, thanks for the Reply.

On Element appear for each acitivity i used, would be too much work, because the process is a big one

I will give a try to WaitForReady ->Complete and give fedback, if its worked :slight_smile:
As far i understand, i must do it for every activity in the process.

So sadly there is no setting on orchestrator, which would solve the speed?

Hi @Mehmet_Unal
there is no settings in orch which would reduce bot speed

every thing has to be taken care in studio by using necessary timeout and few properties

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Hi @Mehmet_Unal ,

I do not think there is any setting in Orchestrator, but if configured from the beginning in Studio, we could Set the Run Value in Project Settings for UI Activities.

But the property value needs to be empty or not set in order for these settings to take effect.

These settings should also be applied after the deployment.

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You should be including checks (ie Element Exists or modern Check App State) in your code to make sure things have loaded before you move to the next step.

In modern, the Click activity has built-in verification that the click was completed before moving to the next activity.

No, you don’t. You only have to do it at points where a new page/screen loads so you can make sure it’s ready for input.

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