HELP! The Main file doesn't work: Validation Error

Hey Guys,

I urgently need your help.

I already published a few times my Main as normal version. Yesterday I saw the Icon that I can Publishing as a Pre-alpha Version. I was curious and tried it. Afterwards I have deleted the Alpha nugets beceause I dont want to keep them.
Now I have the Problem, that the main doesn’t work and I get Validation Error. I think the cause is that my json.file has the latest published Projectversion (versio-alpha) inside but the nugets doesent exist because I deleted it.

Is ther any solution to create an new json and nuget file?

Many thanks.

Solved by myself :slight_smile:

I copied the Version-Nr. from the latest existing nuget and pasted it into the Project.json file in overwriting the Alpha Version Nr.

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