Help shape the future of UiPath Academy: share your insights and ideas!

Hello UiPath Community! :rocket:

As we’re swiftly sailing towards the end of another dynamic year (can you believe there are less than two months left in 2023?), it’s the perfect time for a bit of reflection and forward-thinking. Here at UiPath Academy, we’re not just looking back at our journey; we’re excited to gaze into the future - a future we’re eager to shape with your invaluable insights.

We need your brainpower! :brain:
We’re constantly exploring new horizons, and today, we’re turning to you - our vibrant community - to help us navigate the uncharted waters of learning and development in the world of automation and AI.

  • What’s missing? What elements do you think could enhance the UiPath Academy experience? We’re not just talking about adding new courses or tweaking the interface - we’re thinking bigger! Imagine the possibilities and share your boldest ideas.
  • Jobs to Be Done: What tasks or objectives do you find the Academy could better help you accomplish? Whether it’s mastering a specific process, gaining a particular skill, or even something more abstract - let us know!
  • Innovative approaches: How can we incorporate more innovative or disruptive approaches in our offerings? This might include interactive learning modules, real-world project simulations, or anything else that sparks your creativity.
  • Generative AI: The rise of generative AI has been nothing short of revolutionary. How do you envision integrating these AI advancements into our educational framework? Could AI-assisted learning, personalized training paths, or AI-driven project feedback be part of our future?

This is more than just a call for feedback; it’s an invitation to be part of shaping what UiPath Academy becomes. Every idea, big or small, is a valuable piece of the puzzle. Let’s join forces to create an educational experience that’s not just effective, but also inspiring and revolutionary!

Can’t wait to read your thoughts and start this exciting journey together!


Hi @Bianca.Dragu ,

Below are few ideas which came across my mind to make the UiPath academy more intresting.

Completion of Academy courses give a diploma in certification , to have a add on can we have some points added so that , it will be helpful in forum leader board ??

Having a chat bot in the UiPath Academy to suggest tailored courses based on intrest and specialization of the user looking ??

Having a sample application and use case end to end on the practise application , helps the learners having more impact how the skill can be utilised .

providing the solutions to the challenges with the xamls too ??

Just a reminder email if the learner has started the course and left in middle or idle for more than 50+days .

Here is my few ideas .

Happy learning and HappyAutomation !!!

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Hi @Bianca.Dragu - Below are my few thoughts

→ Publishing the names of the top three users or a top user every month who uses academy a lot in the Monthly Top Contributors page/other page. This would inspire others and will bring more active participation from the community as well. Giving badge to the top users would be an added advantage.

→ Sharing the course option with others would avoid time spending in searching the course

→ Implementing Copilot feature in academy would help to get the results faster instead of navigating/searching for the course

→ UiPath use case repository is mostly needed in the academy page. So that the users can start work on the use-cases directly from the academy page

→ There should be an option to organize the academy certifications in the This way the recruiters/others would know what are the other areas(like DU, Communications Mining etc) the user good at.

→ Adding Priority to the course would give clear idea to the users on what to complete and what to keep in backlog



Here are some suggestions, based on my experience with Academy:

  • I would drop the mandatory survey (pre-training/post-training). I do not think this should be a criteria to have status ‘Completed’ on a course.
  • An assistant based on Chat GPT would be really useful, like others have mentioned.
  • Add in the Career Paths the recommended learning plans for each role.

This is all that comes to my mind so far.
EDIT: - Possibility to set learning reminder and add learning event in calendar
In the page of a course that has been finalised by the user, have a tab with ‘Resources’ such as link to the documentation or template files that were presented during the training.

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Hi @Bianca.Dragu ,

This suggestion is not towards learning but could be a feature in the Academy.

Currently, I believe we do not have a way to download all completed course certificates at once, we would require to download it one by one (Not so sure if it is available as I was not able to find it).

It could be better if we have this, if not maybe a batch wise certificates download option ?


The main thing for me would be fixing the chronically out of date stuff in it.
I believe it still tells people to download the Reframework from the ancient public Github repo which hasn’t been updated since like 2019 and the dependencies in it are so old now.

Just have them grab it from the templates in Studio.
I also think more effort to not have the lessons use classic activities. I see so many junior devs come through and then only know classic activities and be bamboozled by the Object Repository etc.

You should also do some teaching on Libraries and Testing as the Advanced Training.

You also really need to update the ACME site. There are lots of opportunities for practice there but quite a lot of the stuff is too old to use as the input data is all from 2018/2019 and often you cannot even search for it because the search dropdowns only show the past 3 years.

Hi @Jon_Smith,

Thank you for the feedback! Regarding the REFramework part, we’ve updated our courses and now you should not have any outdated information such as using classic activities, especially for the Practice with REFramework. You can find the new courses here: Automation Developer Professional Training.
And we have new courses on Object Repository, libraries and testing which are part of this learning plan: Automation Developer Associate Training.