Help separating different countries and rates from one cell into multiple in excel

Hi, I am attempting to separate the following cell into unique rows for each country with a column for both country name and the exchange rate. I am struggling to successfully do this. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks! It is currently showing like the below in one cell:

“rates”: {
“CAD”: 1.3446962989,
“HKD”: 7.7501328139,
“ISK”: 132.548255711,
“PHP”: 50.0451567204,
“DKK”: 6.6024437755,
“HUF”: 305.4719319993,
“CZK”: 23.5824331503,
“GBP”: 0.789091553,
“RON”: 4.2823623163,
“SEK”: 9.2250752612,
“IDR”: 14093.5009739685,
“INR”: 75.5343545245,
“BRL”: 4.8648840092,
“RUB”: 68.8319461661,
“HRK”: 6.7043562954,
“JPY”: 108.1459181866,
“THB”: 31.3600141668,
“CHF”: 0.9536036834,
“EUR”: 0.8854258899,
“MYR”: 4.2754559943,
“BGN”: 1.7317159554,
“TRY”: 6.8052948468,
“CNY”: 7.0856206835,
“NOK”: 9.3339826457,
“NZD”: 1.5384274836,
“ZAR”: 16.7287940499,
“USD”: 1.0,
“MXN”: 21.7607579246,
“SGD”: 1.3908269878,
“AUD”: 1.440322295,
“ILS”: 3.4508588631,
“KRW”: 1198.2468567381,
“PLN”: 3.9369576766
“base”: “USD”,
“date”: “2020-06-09”

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Hy @Sarah_Bischoff, welcome to the Uipath Community.
This looks like a json file. There is an activity to get data from data like this. I will have a look and send an workflow to you :slight_smile:



I did setup a prototype for you:
Logging the rates, base and date:

Adding it to a datatable, rate is parsed to double:

And writing it out to Excel

Demo XAML here:
JsonToExcel_Rates.xaml (9.7 KB)

Json here:
rates.json (791 Bytes)

Ensure you have referenced the UiPAth.Web.Activities (Dependency Manager)

And modify the path as per your environment



Well done!!! I tried working on this but could not get done!

Greate job!!

Thank you for the help!

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