Help required in LINQ error resolution

Hi Community Members,

I have written a LINQ query which does the following

  • On an overview, compare two DTs and prepare an output DT consisting of comparison values between every column of DT1 to DT2 side by side, till yesterday it was working fine but since today It is giving me exit code error

error -
RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0xE0434352
this is strange as LINQ never gave me this error also the DT size is not huge row counts are 2200 approx each for both DTs , below is the code .

I request for any help as I dont have much time

(From d In dtBotSummaryData.AsEnumerable
From d2 In dtFilterComparisonData.AsEnumerable
Let check1 =d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString)
Let check2 =d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d("OS Name").toString.Equals(d2(3).toString)
Let check3 =d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d("Number of Policies").toString.Equals(d2(4).toString)
Let check4 =d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d("Total Checks").toString.Equals(d2(5).toString)
Let Check5=d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d("Total Checks Passed").toString.Equals(d2(6).toString)
Let col1 = If(check1,d("Server Name").toString,"")
Let col2=d("OS Name").toString
Let col3=If(check2,"",d2(3))
Let col4=d("Number of Policies")
Let col5=If(check3,"",d2(4))
Let col6=d("Total Checks")
Let col7=If(check4,d("Total Checks"),d2(5))
Let col8=d("Total Checks Passed")
Let col9=If(check4,d("Total Checks Passed"),d2(6))
Let col10=d(5)
Let col11=(CDbl(col9)/CDbl(col7))
Let col12=d(6)
Let col13=(CDbl(col7)-CDbl(col9))
Let col14=d(7)
Let col15=If(d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d("Total Items Performed").toString.Equals(d2(7).toString),d("Total Items Performed"),d2(15))
Let col16=d(8)
Let col17=If(d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d("Total Items Passed").toString.Equals(d2(16).toString),d("Total Items Passed"),d2(16))
Let col18=d(9)
Let col19=(CDbl(col17)/CDbl(col15))
Let col20=d(10)
Let col21=If(d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d(10).toString.Equals(d2(18).toString),"",d2(18))
Let col22=d(11)
Let col23=If(d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d(11).toString.Equals(d2(25).toString),"",d2(25))
Let col24=d(12)
Let col25=If(d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d(12).toString.Equals(d2(26).toString),"",d2(26))
Let col26=d(13)
Let col27=If(d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d(13).toString.Equals(d2(27).toString),"",d2(27))
Let col28=d(14)
Let col29=If(d("Server Name").toString.Equals(d2(1).toString) And d(14).toString.Equals(d2(28).toString),"",d2(28))
Let ra = New Object(){col1,col2,col3,col4,col5,col6,col7,col8,col9,col10,col11,col12,col13,col14,col15,col16,col17,col18,col19,col20,col21,col22,col23,col24,col25,col26,col27,col28,col29}
Select dtBotSummaryComparisonData.Rows.Add(ra)).CopyToDataTable

Looking for a solution


@ppr @Yoichi can you also please provide your inputs as well.

Hi @Dhruvi_Arumugam

Plz refer…

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Why not just do this with activities? Simple. Reliable. Easy to read. Easy to troubleshoot.

@ppr @Yoichi can you please help here, I am stuck hard.


I think it might be needed to isolate cause such as amount of data, specific datarow or specific line of the expression.
For example, try to split datatable to half, then run both. Or modify line of the expression one by one to simple literal, then run. etc.