[Help Request] Evaluate two Excel spreadsheets. If data in column B matches criteria, copy entire sheet to another workbook

Trying to create a sequence that will evaluate spreadsheet A and spreadsheet B, if the data in column B matches my criteria on either of the spreadsheets, I want to copy that entire spreadsheet to a specific tab of spreadsheet C.

I know that the data in column B will meet my criteria on either sheet A or sheet B everyday but don’t know which one. Sheet A and B get generated everyday with this type of name “words-number-words.xls” convention. The “words” stay the same, the “number” changes everyday.

My thinking was assign each sheet to a variable and then use a for loop and if activity to evaluate the two spreadsheets. I’m not sure how to assign each sheet to a different variable because the name will change everyday. If anybody has some time to work with me on this I’d appreciate the help.

So may I know how many excel files are there in total that could help us go in right direction
Cheers @mrice1982

There are a total of three, Workbook-A and WB-B have almost the same file name but each with have a different number in the file name that changes everyday. They also have different data in Column B. So I need to determine which workbook, between A and B, has the right data in column B. Then, whichever one evaluates as true, have the entire sheet copied to workbook C.