Help, please

Can someone help me?

I have the following form:



  1. Press the direct click on an area of ​​the form,
  2. Click on the second option: “Propriedades”
  3. Click on the third option: “Apagar”
  4. Click on the first option: “Propriedades 0”

How to program this in UiPath?


have a try to do it with the help of recorder
afterwards analyze the recorded sequeunce and post edit e.g. finetuning the selectors

it also helps you find out the capabilities for automating the application with UiPath

Use 4 different click activities. The first one is a right click and needs to be done with standard hardware emulation. Use f2 to pause for 3 seconds so you can click the submenus

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Thanks David!
I followed the directions and managed to record.

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