Help Please ....***URGENT*** Need help STAT

I have an excel sheet with data that needs to be automated to fill a web form.

I was able to do this with no problem. But the problem is this:

The Webform (if specific data is already been entered) will tell me that this specific data has already been put in and will not go to the next row on excel.

Is there a If/Then Statement (For Example:)

If the data has already been entered in the past, then skip to the next row on excel.

Hi @Caleb_Greenberg

U can use if condition for this one.

May u can tell specifically how the already is seen?

This is what happens if Data is entered when its already been previously entered in the past.

Can you explain with an example of workflow to use if condition?

Grab this text message and use get text activity and compare the value in the string with if statement.
This will resolve the patient exists message.

@Caleb_Greenberg , i just change subject and removed “URGENT” word. I have’t sean any urgency in this and lot of helpful search is already available with similar cases in forum. Hope you understand and have a better search… you will definitely get answers.

I need this fixed today, and already searched before I made my topic. I couldn’t find anything that would help me with this specific flow.

Please give me an example from a workflow

Please grab this text message (highlighted in red color) from your application.

Please use Get Text activity. Inside Get Text Activity, you will have a StringVariable.

Your StringVariable will have following value from GetText output.
StringVariable = "Patient with the same Social Security No. or Patient ID already exists. Patient cannot be created/updated "

Use following code in If condition…

InStr(StringVariable,“already exists”)<>0

Above line of code will decide if value already exists or not.
Hope my inputs are useful.

I do not see “Get Text Activity”
I see “Get Text” under Control but only wants me to indicate element inside browser.

yes that’s the one…

Okay I indicated the element.

Where do I input “Patient with the same Social Security No. or Patient ID already exists. Patient cannot be created/updated.”?

Do I put if condition before or after get text?
What do I put in the “Then” Activity and “Else” activity?