Help please get a row from the table!

I have a table with 1 column that contains rows. I need to write a row that contains certain text and data. In this row the data can be changed and the text is always the same. How do I can the output of row by defining the part text in this row?

Hello @Tesla just use if activity with condition "row(0).tostring.contains(“Total amount”)

Did I do something wrong?

condition is row(0).tostring.contains(“Total amount”)
your condition is also valid and will work, but it is missing a dot between row and item

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i changed condition but result is absent in Output(((

in write line activity use row(0).tostring

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Yeeeeeee!!! Thank you so much! You helped me a lot)))

I will recommend you to go through this tutorial

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Thank you) But i watched this tutorial and don’t found solution and ask in the forum)